Donkey Kong Country 4
Developer(s) Brock Productions
Publisher(s) Brock Publishing
Platform(s) Wii U
Release date Early June
Genre Platformer
Rating(s) E for Everyone
Mode(s) 1-4 players
Media Downloadable
Input Wii U Gamepad, Wiimote
Donkey Kong Country 4 is a platformer video game created by Brock Productions for the Wii U as a downloadable game for the Nintendo eShop, being released in early June for most territories. It is the fourth game in the Doney Kong Countries series and the first one since 1997. 


The game introduces the "tag-team" system, where Diddy, Donkey and Kiddy Kong follow each other throughout each level. However, the monkey in the front of the group is the Kong in play, so the other Kongs simply follows behind the other. If the hero in play is injured, he quickly runs off the screen, and the Kong behind him takes his place as the character in play, and that similiarly happens with the two kongs. In cases like this, only Kong is on the screen at the time, as the other is defeated. If the lone Kong is injured by an enemy, the player loses an Extra Life and must restart the level from the beginning or by the Star Barrel. Fortunately, any Kong that is missing can be recovered by breaking open a DK Barrel; however, these special barrels do not appear many times in most levels. When a hero is freed from a DK Barrel, he heads to the back of the group behind the Kong in play and is not able to be controlled until the Kong in the lead is injured or if the player hits Select to switch characters.

Kong AbilitiesEdit

While the Kongs have different abilities, they have the same basic moves. Both Donkey, Kiddy and Diddy are able to jump, cartwheel (or roll), climb, and swim to pass through levels. The most commonly used basic abilities are the jump and cartwheel moves, which help the heroes cross gaps and defeat enemies. While cartwheeling is often used to pummel into weaker foes, it can also be used as part of the super-jump technique. Both characters can use this move by simply cartwheeling off a cliff and jumping in mid-air. This gives them both a longer jump to cross wider abysses.

Other than jumping and cartwheeling, the Kongs can also use their climbing and swimming abilities to traverse levels. Climbing can only be done on ropes or vines, which can swing the primates over gaps if they cling onto them. Some ropes are stationary, which means that the Kongs can take advantage of their climbing abilities on them to head up the rope to a higher area. Another move both Kongs can perform is their swimming ability which can only be done inside of the water in the underwater levels.

Another difference between the three Kongs is how they pick up and throw barrels. When Diddy Kong picks up barrels, he holds them in from of his body, protecting him from any enemies in his way. However, Donkey Kong holds barrels above his head, leaving his whole body vulnerable to enemy attacks. Kiddy Kong holds it slightly behind him, protecting his back. Additionally, Donkey Kong throws his barrels slightly further than Diddy, making Donkey Kong more likely to hit enemies from another distance. If the primates throw a Steel Keg against a wall, they are able to jump on the barrel as it rolls back and balance on it.

Gold RankEdit

In each level you gain a rank, ranging from Bronze to Gold, worst to best. The rank is dependant on what you do. Getting a Gold Rank on every level is required to enter Kremlantis.

  • Bronze Rank: You didn't collect the DK Coin, Bonus Coins or KONG Letters.
  • Silver Rank: You collected the DK Coin, all the Bonus Coins or all the KONG Letters (or two of them).
  • Gold: You collected the DK Coin, got all the Bonus Coins and found all the KONG Letters.

Special AreasEdit


The other members of the Kong Family clan in these special areas which assist Donkey and Diddy while they are adventuring.

  • Cranky's Cabin: This area is run by Cranky Kong, who the heroes meet here to hear him talking about some random hints and random rambling about how the 8-bit era was better than the 36-bit era. There is one Cranky's Cabin in every world.
  • Candy's Save Station: This area is run by Candy Kong. The Kongs can travel here in any world to save their game for free. After beating the game (because you can save everywhere), the area is replaced by Candy's Dance Studio, where Candy hosts a dance mini-game, which can be won to earn collectibles.
  • Funky's Flights: In this special area, the Kongs can meet Funky Kong and use his Jumbo Barrel to travel to any unlocked world. In the Game Boy Advance remakes, the area is replaced by Funky's Fishing, where Funky hosts a fishing mini-game along with having the Jumbo Barrel. In the game, the Kongs must catch fish while riding on Enguarde to win prizes.
  • Wrinkly's Shop:
  • Swanky's Arcade:


Animal BuddiesEdit

As with every Donkey Kong Country game, Animal Buddies appear to help out the monkeys. Several old friends return in Donkey Kong Country 3, such as Enguarde, Squawks, and Squitter, and several new ones appear, such as Ellie and Parry. Each buddy helps the apes in a different way, but are only found in certain levels. Below shows the game's Animal Buddies, along with their abilities and their first and last level appearances.

Image Name Description First Level Appearance Last Level Appearance
Rambi the Rhino Rambi is first found halfway through the first level. He is able to ram into most enemies to defeat them, and he can also break entrances to hidden Bonus Levels along with sensitive walls.
Winky the Frog Winky can defeat most enemies by jumping on them, some being ones that the monkeys cannot defeat by themselves, such as Zingers. Winky also jumps very high, providing access to certain Bonus Levels and hidden areas. He is replaced by Rattly the Rattlesnake in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.
Expresso the  Ostrich Expresso has the ability to dash through areas at a fast pace because of his sneakers. He can also glide through the air temporarily, much like Dixie Kong can in later Donkey Kong Country installments. Enemies smaller than Expresso (such as Klaptraps) can pass under his legs as well without injuring him.
Clapper the Seal Clapper the Seal can for the first time be ridden. His main attacks includes doing a sort of barrel roll into enemies. He can also shoot ice to freeze enemies and certain bodies of water.
Ellie the Elephant Ellie the Elephant is a new Animal Buddy. Ellie is not as strong as Rambi, but she can pick up and suck barrels towards her, which is a useful technique for defeating certain enemies. She can also suck up water from lakes and waterfalls to shoot at enemies. Unfortunately, she is afraid of Sneeks, and she runs away from them at first sight.
Enguarde the Swordfish Enguarde returns from the first two games, acting the same as he did previously. He is able to defeat underwater enemies with his sharp nose and is used in the boss fight. In this game, he can be found in most levels with water, even ones that are not fully submerged,
Parry the Parallel Bird Parry is a playable animal buddie. The fourth player can control Parry, and can pop prize balloons, kill enemies and even activate switches. The other characters can also ride on Parry for a short amount of time. He is controlled by the Wiimote pointer.
Quawks the Parrot Quawks is a purple sub-species of Squawks found only in two levels. Unlike Flapper, another Squawks sub-species, he can fly, but cannot spit eggs. Instead, he has the ability to pick up and roll barrels, which can be proven very useful.
Squawks the Parrot Squawks is much like Quawks, however, he is able to shoot eggs at enemies, an ability Quawks does not possess. He can also fly through the many levels of the game easily and attack any enemies, usually Buzzes, that are in the way. However, he can not pick up barrels when being played as.
Squitter the Spider Squitter returns from Donkey Kong Country 2, acting exactly as he did previously. He can create web platforms to reach higher areas and spit webs to defeat enemies, usually Bristles. As in Donkey Kong Country 2, Squitter has a level dedicated to himself, known as Krack Shot Kroc. He appears in all factory levels of the game.


A boss is encountered at the end of each world. Like bosses in other games, they are much stronger than normal enemies and take longer to defeat. The bosses in Donkey Kong Country 3 all have different weaknesses. The table below shows a list of the game's bosses and a brief description on them.

Level Name Description

Items and ObjectsEdit

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! is filled with many different collectibles and objects for the apes to use. Below is a list of the main objects, as well as a brief description on them.

Image Name Description
File:BananaSprite65.png Bananas Bananas are the most commonly found item in the game, and collecting 100 of them gives the apes an extra life. Bananas can also help direct the Kongs to their destinations in a level.
File:BunchoBanana65.png Banana Coins Banana Coins can be found in levels, not to be confused with Bonus Coins. These can be used to buy things from Wrinkly, to open up Funky's Rentals and some other things.
File:DKC3IB65.gifFile:DKC3IB265.gifFile:DKC3IB365.gif Extra Life Balloons Extra Life Balloons are important items in the game. When collected, they give the heroes extra lives. There are three color variations: red, green, and blue. The red balloons give the heroes one extra life, while the green balloons give them two. The rare blue balloons give them three extra lives.
File:DKC2coin.png DK Coins These items are found in every level, except for boss levels. They are usally gaurded by some type of Alpha-Kremling, who will stop at nothing to make sure the Kongs don't retrieve it. They can be used to unlock the final level, Kremtopolis.
File:BonusCoin65.gif Bonus Coin These items are earned by completing bonuses that are hidden throughout each level of the game, while others are earned by defeating certain bosses. They are vital for accessing the levels in Banana Land.
File:K65.gifFile:O65.gifFile:N365.gifFile:G65.gif K-O-N-G Letters Just like in the previous titles, collecting these four letters awards the player an extra life. All four can be collected in every level, and they appear in order. You must collect them all in each level to get the Gold Rank.
File:Box65.gif Animal Crates Like in the previous titles, these crates contain an Animal Buddy. The picture shown on the crate clues the player as to which Animal Buddy is in it. They are very similar to Animal Barrels, although they do not actually turn the apes into the buddy.
File:Crate65.gif Crates

Crates are very similar to Barrels, but they break as soon as making contact with an enemy or the ground. However, they can be quite useful in defeating enemies. At least one crate appears in this game, in the level, Barrel Drop Bounce.


Various barrels appear throughout the game. They are the main objects in the Donkey Kong Country series, and they have many different purposes. Below is a list of each barrel and a brief description on them.

Image Name Description
File:BarrelN65.gif Normal Barrel The most common barrels of the game, these can be used to defeat enemies and sometimes find hidden Bonus Areas. They can be picked up by Ellie and Quawks, who can then roll them on the ground to hit some enemies. Ellie can also suck the barrels in towards her if the player presses Y.
File:DKBarrel.gif DK Barrel These common barrels returning from the first two games help revive a Kong who has been injured. There are at least two in each level, although some later levels have even more. They are often found at the very beginning of levels and right after the Star Barrel.
File:BonusBarrel65.gif Bonus Barrel Two or three of these special barrels appear in every level, sending the Kongs to Bonus Levels. They are usually well hidden or hard to reach, due to the fact that their reward is so big. The Kongs also break out of these barrels once they exit the bonus.
File:StarB65.gif Star Barrel These barrels return from the first two Donkey Kong Country games, doing exactly as before. They appear at the middle of every level, and when hit, sparkle, signaling that a checkpoint has been activated. If both Kongs are lost, or they fall into a pit, the apes are returned to the Star Barrel.
File:EllieBarrel.gif Animal Barrel These common barrels return from Donkey Kong Country 2, and they have the exact same function. They transform the apes into the Animal Buddy pictured. The bottom left side of the screen should hold a picture of the Animal Buddy, signaling that the helper can take two hits before being defeated.
File:BarrelCannon65.gif Blast Barrel These semi-common barrels are similar to Auto-Fire Barrels, but they only shoot the Kongs upwards, or forwards if the barrel is turned. They are often found in levels taking place by a waterfall and are commonly needed to jump over Buzzes.
File:IBarrel65.gif ! Barrel These uncommon barrels temporarily give the Kongs invincibility. They are often found hidden in hard to reach places, but losing a Kong to grab one is often worth it. The monkeys can use the effects of the barrel to jump on red Buzzes, Kuff 'n' Klouts, and other invincible enemies.
File:SteelKeg.gif Steel Keg This item first appears in the original Donkey Kong Country, but appears again in Donkey Kong Country 3. They are basically unbreakable barrels, capable of taking out many enemies in their path. The kegs are needed to defeat Koins.