Donkey Kong U is a 3D platformer game developed by Brock Productions and released for the Wii U console in November 2013. It is a follow-up to the original Donkey Kong 64 trilogy for the Nintend 64 console. In the game, Donkey Kong and his friends set off in a quest to stop the evil King K. Rool from unlocking the Banana Power with a powerful machine called the Extractor, which is located at Crocodile Isle. K. Rool has his Kremling crew capture Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Lanky Kong, and Chunky Kong and seize DK's hoard of Golden Bananas and Bananas.


On a peaceful day at DK Isle, Swanky Kong opens his new Fun Hut and Donkey Kong tries out. While playing, Cranky appears and shows him a picture of Crocodile Isle, with a new device. Donkey Kong them realizes all of his bananas are gone and that the other Kongs have disappeared. Outside, the Kremlings block the exit and board their ship with the Bananas, but as they float away their machines short-circuit and the ship explodes, scattering the Bananas. A Golden Banana crashes into the Isle, landing next to DK.

Donkey Kong sees the banana and Cranky gives him a potion that allows him to harness the power of it. With the power he blasts open the enterance and sees many Bananas everywhere. Funky calls him and tells him that K.Rool kidnapped him too. Donkey finds a ship and a portal to Ship-Shape Dock. When he arrives, he finds Diddy and releases him. Afterwards they battle a boss and get a Giant Banana, which Donkey uses to start the ship. They then can use it to ride back and forth between DK Isle and Crocodile Isle.

After releasing all the Kongs and finding 80 Golden Bananas, Donkey Kong uses the power to blast open the middle of Crocodile Isle and finds Lavaland Basement. After transversing the landscape they find a door blocking them from K.Rools control room. From there they can see him extracting the power and turn into K-Mega, who flies off towards DK Isle. The Kongs also turn into Super versions and chase after. When they arrive, he is charging  and is about to destroy the Isle when Chunky chashes into him.

Now distracted, they warp to another dimension where the Banana effects are negated. After a tough battle, they knock K.Rool off the edge of the platform and he falls back to the ground. Dixie follows and the other Kongs ride her down. When they fall, K.Rool is barely awake, and still tries to defeat them. Donkey Kong uses the last ofo the Banana Power to punch him all the way back to Crocodile Isle, destroying the ship there in the process.



Donkey Kong 64 has a similar gameplay to other 3D platformer games on the Nintendo 64, such as Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie. The player controls one of the five available Kongs, and must venture into open and vast worlds similar to those found in Super Mario 64. Only Donkey Kong is available from the start, and the other Kongs are unlocked as part of the storyline. Unlocking all the Kongs is mandatory for completing the game, as the bosses can only be defeated by a certain Kong, with the exception of King Kut Out and K. Rool himself, as they are battled by all the Kongs. Each Kong has a unique set of abilities that are learned when the player purchases potions from Cranky Kong at his lab. The player can select between available Kongs by entering the various Tag Barrels located around the worlds.

The gameplay is heavily based upon item collection, and each stage features several items for each Kong to collect. It is not mandatory to collect every single item, but it is required if the player is aiming for 101% completion. All of the collectibles are of a certain color, and they can only be collected by a Kong whose color matches the color of the item. The most important items are the Golden Bananas, obtainable by accomplishing certain tasks, but there are various other types of collectibles for each Kong to find, such as Banana Medals, Banana Coins, Blueprints, etc. Each world features a certain amount of items that can only be collected by a certain Kong, often making use of their unique abilities.


Donkey Kong Island acts as the hub world of the game, from which the player can access other areas. The first world of the game, Jungle Japes, can only be accessed when Donkey Kong talks to K. Lumsy at his island. When the Kongs collect a new Boss Key from the boss of a world, K. Lumsy starts to happily jump in his cage, causing a tremor that unlocks the passage to a new world. However, the only way to access new worlds is by collecting the amount of Golden Bananas imposed by B. Locker, who blocks the entrance to the world. When the Kongs have the appropriate amount of Golden Bananas, B. Locker disappears, allowing access to the world. The amount of Golden Bananas needed to unlock each world increases as the Kongs progress through the game.


Found at the end of each world is a boss that can only be accessed when the Kongs feed Scoff with a certain amount of bananas. The amount of bananas required to fight the boss increases as the Kongs progress through the worlds. When the Kongs feed Scoff with the appropriate amount of bananas, he becomes heavier and allows Troff to reach the key that unlocks the door to the boss. Each boss can only be fought by a certain Kong, whose face appears in the door before the battle. If another Kong tries to head through the door, it closes immediately. The boss battles are constructed around the designated Kong's abilities. By defeating the bosses, the Kongs gain Boss Keys that are used to unlock K. Lumsy's cage. Upon seeing the key, K. Lumsy jumps in joy and causes tremors that open access to the loaction of new worlds.

Playable CharactersEdit


Donkey KongEdit

Donkey Kong is the main character, and as such, he is the default and starting character in the game. Donkey Kong is a balanced character, with average strenght, speed and agility. He can execute a roll attack if the player presses the B button, and he can also use a double-handed punch while in the air by pressing the B button while jumping. Donkey Kong is the only character who can access Barrel Blast challenges through the use of his Pad Move, and later on he gains the ability to pull rusty levers with his strength. Donkey Kong's color is yellow, meaning he can collect yellow bananas, Banana Coins and blueprints. He shoots coconuts.

Diddy KongEdit


Diddy Kong is the first character to be unlocked, and the second Kong overall. Diddy Kong is unlocked in the first world of the game, where he is found imprisioned in a cell in a mountainside. Once he is freed, he becomes a playable character. Diddy Kong is not as strong as other Kongs, such as Donkey and Chunky Kong, but he is much faster and more agile. He is the second fastest Kong, losing only to Lanky Kong. Diddy's main attack is his trademark cartwheel which can be used to attack enemies, and he also has a tail attack done by pressing the B button while he is in the air. Diddy Kong's ammo of choice is the Peanut, which he uses to shoot peanuts that can hit certain switches. His color is red, and he can collect red items such as bananas, Banana Coins and blueprints.

Lanky KongEdit


Lanky Kong is one of the unlockable characters. He is unlocked in the second world. Lanky is the fastest Kong, and he is balanced in all other areas. Lanky can stretch his arms to attack enemies by pressing the B button, and he can also use his long arms to reach otherwise inaccessible items and collectibles. During the game, Lanky learns how to inflate like a balloon when he stands on pads with his face on them, and he also learns how to walk around on his hands, allowing him to move much faster and climb up steep slopes. His ammo of choice is the Grape, used to hit certain switches and attack enemies. Lanky Kong's color is blue, and thus he is able to collect blue bananas, blueprints, Banana Coins, etc.



Dixie Kong is the fourth unlockable character, and is the only female Kong to be playable. She can be unlocked in the third world of the game, and she can be unlocked either after or before Lanky. Dixie is the most agile out of all the playable characters, but she has the weakest physical ability among the Kongs. Her most prominent move is the Ponytail Whirl, which allows her to float in the air and reduce her falling speed. Dixie can also shrink herself to access certain places once she learns the "Mini Monkey" ability. Her main attack is using her hair to beat up enemies, done by pressing the B button. She uses apples as ammo that can hit certain switches and defeat enemies. Her color is pink, allowing her to collect pink bananas, Banana Coins and blueprints.

Chunky KongEdit

File:Chunky Kong.jpg

Chunky Kong is the last Kong to be unlocked, and he is found in the fourth world of the game. Chunky is the strongest Kong, and his strenght surpasses even that of Donkey Kong. This allows him to easily lift boulders and other heavy objects, as well as attacking enemies with punches. However, he is the slowest and least agile Kong, and cannot jump very high. His main attack is spinning rapidly, attacking enemies close to him. Throughout the game, Chunky also learns to become invisible when he stands on a pad with his face on it, and he also learns to become giant upon entering a barrel with his face on it. Chunky Kong's ammo of choice is the pineapple, which are used to hit certain switches and defeat enemies. His color is green, meaning he can collect green bananas, Banana Coins, blueprints, etc.

Animal BuddiesEdit

Rambi the RhinocerosEdit


Rambi the Rhinoceros is the most powerful Animal Buddy. He can use his strong horn to smash crates, attack enemies, and break huts and wooden walls with his emblem on them. Rambi appears in the first world, Jungle Japes, and also makes an appearance in one of Donkey Kong's minigames in Hideout Helm. Rambi has an unlockable arena where he makes an appearance. Donkey Kong is the only character that can transform into Rambi by entering his Animal Crate.

Winky the FrogEdit

Winky the Frog is another returning Animal Buddy. He can jump very high, but has no normal attacks. He appears in the second world and in Diddy's minigame in Lavaland Basement. Diddy is the only character who can turn into Winky the Frog.

Expresso the OstrichEdit

Expresso the Ostrich is a rare animal buddy who debuts in the fourth world. She can run very fast and can float downwards. In addition, she can attack with her beak. Chunky Kong is the only Kong who can turn into her.

Enguarde the SwordfishEdit


Enguarde the Swordfish can use his pointy bill to defeat aquatic enemies, smash open treasure chests and reveal hidden items. He can also leap out of water. Enguarde appears only in the world Gloomy Galleon, and in his unlockable arena. Lanky Kong is the only character who can turn into Enguarde.

Squacks the ParrotEdit

Squacks the Parrot can use his beak to shoot out cocnuts, destroying more enemies. He can also be flown around to get around faster. Unlike other transformations, you actually ride him, and can alsom jump off at any time. Only Dixie Kong can get to him.

Power-Ups and AbilitiesEdit

Cranky's LabEdit

Cranky's Lab is a location that Cranky Kong resides in, and it appears in every area of the game. Cranky has seemingly taken up science as a hobby, and in his lab, the player can buy different potions in exchange of Banana Coins to learn new techniques and abilities needed to progress throughout the game. Also, if the Kongs visit Cranky at his lab with at least 20 Chips, Cranky allows them to play a game called Mario Bros. (an early Rare game). The Kongs must beat the game Mario Bros at phase 15 in order to obtain the Mario Key.

There are three kinds of potions that are available for the Kongs and each type of potion gives them a different ability. The types of abilities are as follows:

  • Pad Move - These abilities are activated when any of the Kongs stand on a circular pad with their emblem on it and press ZR.
  • Barrel Move - To activate a Barrel Move, the playable Kong has to enter a wooden barrel with their face on it.
  • Special Move - Most of the Kongs' Special Moves can be used anytime.

There are also shared potions which give all the Kongs the same ability - to press Kong Switches with their face on them.

Potions and pricesEdit

Kong Pad Move Barrel Move Special Move
Donkey Kong Baboon Blast, 3 coins
A DK pad that will blast him into the sky to account a Barrel Blast challenge
Strong Kong, 5 coins
Allows DK to be invincible
Gorilla Grab, 7 coins
Allows DK to pull levers
Diddy Kong Simian Spring, 7 coins
A Diddy pad that allows Diddy to jump great hights off his tail
Rocketbarrel Boost, 5 coins
Allows Diddy to fly
Chimpy Charge, 3 coins
Allows Diddy to charge head first into gongs or certain switches
Lanky Kong Baboon Balloon, 5 coins
A Lanky pad that allows Lanky to fill up with hot air and float to unreachable places
Orangstand Sprint, 7 coins
Allows Lanky to run on his hands very fast
Orangstand, 3 coins
Allows Lanky to walk up steep hills or platforms on his hands
DixieKong Spring Jump, 7 coins
A Dixie pad alows Dixie to spring high up into the air.
Mini Monkey, 3 coins
Allows Dixie to shrink to a teeny-tiny size to get into small places or passageways
Ponytail Whirl, 5 coins
Allows Dixie to fly through the air with her ponytails
Chunky Kong Gorilla Gone, 7 coins
A Chunky pad that allows Chunky to become invisible
Hunky Chunky, 3 coins
Allows Chunky to increase in size
Primate Punch, 5 coins
Allows Chunky to use a roundhouse punch that would KO most enemies

Shared Potions
Potion Price World
Simian Slam
Allow Kongs to active Green Switches
1 Coin1
Super Blam Pow
Kongs release an energy wave to destroy nearby enemies.
4 coins3
Super Simian Slam
Allow Kongs to active Blue Switches
 7 coins4
Super Duper Simian Slam
Allow Kongs to active Red Switches
10 coins7

Funky's StoreEdit


Funky's Store is a shop owned by Funky Kong where the Kongs can buy and reload their weapons. Each Kong has his or her own personalized weapon. They can use these weapons to shoot a variety of fruit-based projectiles to attack enemies, hit certain switches that have a certain fruit emblem on them, and hit Banana Balloons. Initially, the Kongs can have up to 30 doses of ammo, but this amount increases when the Kongs buy Funky's upgrades. The prices of his upgrades are as follows:

  • Shooter Installment - 3 coins
  • Ammo Belt 1 - 3 Coins
  • Homing Ammo - 5 Coins
  • Ammo Belt 2 - 5 Coins
  • Sniper Scope - 7 Coins

Kong Ammo
Donkey Kong Coconut
Diddy Kong Peanut
Lanky Kong Grape
Dixie Kong Apple
Chunky Kong



Name Description Boss
Ship-Shape Docks The first world, based of off K.Rool's ship in DKC2. The world takes place on a gigantic ship. Diddy is imprisoned in this world, locked up in the bowels of the ship. Some other, small ships can be boarded with Dixie Kongs floating ability or the Rocket Barrels, but both are found in later worlds so for the time being only the first ship is boarded. Many rats roam the area, but are easy to get rid of. Donkey Kong can turn into Rambi by shooting a switch near Diddy.

Kraggy Krow
Donkey Kong

Sweet Swamp

Sweet Swamp is the second world in the game. It is a large swamp filled with Chocolate Milk and other sweets. The enterance is on a large Taffy Tree in the middle of the area. Lanky can be found to the west of the tree, locked in a peppermint cage. Diddy can free him by burning the rope with his Rocket Barrel, making the cage fall and break. To the north is a large candy palace of gingerbread, where the boss is. Other sights include a large Vending Machine Barrel and the "Licorice Woods".

Kraggy Krow

Donkey Kong

Kraggy Krow

Donkey Kong

Kraggy Krow

Donkey Kong

Kraggy Krow

Donkey Kong

Kraggy Krow

Donkey Kong

Kraggy Krow

Donkey Kong




 A large barrier gaurds the enterance to the boss, and has a counter which can be reduced by feeding it bananas. Once all the bananas reach to 0, the key opens the door and a roulette spins, determining which Kong is going to battle against the Boss. Only the designated Kong can enter the door. The door will close if a different Kong tries to go inside the door at any time. Once the correct Kong goes to the door, he uses an super attack to destroy the barrier and enter the Boss Battle.

Amounts and BossesEdit

Boss World Bananas Required Kong Used
Army Dillo Jungle Japes 60 Donkey Kong
Dogadon Angry Aztec 120 Diddy Kong
Mad Jack Frantic Factory 200 Dixie Kong
Puftoss Gloomy Galleon 250 Lanky Kong
Dogadon Fungi Forest 300 Chunky Kong
Army Dillo Crystal Caves 350 Donkey Kong
King Kut Out Creepy Castle 400 All (Lanky Kong goes first)
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Island N/A All (Donkey Kong goes first)

Note: The final boss, King K. Rool, does not involve help from Troff & Scoff.


There are four mini-bosses in the game, each gaurding a Kong:

Mini-Boss Kong
Mini-Krow Diddy
Sweet Disires Lanky
Wombat Whopper Dixie
Big Klump Chunky


Image Name Description
70px Golden Banana Golden Bananas are the most important item in the game. They play a pivotal role in the storyline. The players must collect them to earn access to new worlds because B. Locker doesn't allow the players to the specified world unless they have the specified amount of golden bananas. Each world in the game contains five Golden Bananas for each Kong to find, and they must complete certain challenges, often designed around each Kong's abilities, to earn the Golden Banana. There is a total of 201 Golden Bananas in the entire game, and the last one is received by the Banana Fairy Queen once the player collects all of the Banana Fairies. This particular Golden Banana has a Rareware logo on it instead of the usual Nintendo logo. A complete list of the Golden Banana locations can be found here.
70px Banana Bananas are the most common items in the game. The Kongs must collect the bananas and feed them to Scoff so that he becomes heavy enough to allow Troff to reach the key that unlocks the door to the boss through their mecanism. All of the bananas are of a certain color, and only the Kong that corresponds to that color can collect them (i.e. only Donkey Kong can collect yellow bananas, as his color is yellow). There are a total of five hundred bananas in each world, one hundred of them in each of the Kongs' colors. The Kongs also acquire a Banana Medal once they collect seventy-five bananas on each stage. Bananas are found in every world with the exception of the Hideout Helm, and they are found in singles, bunched in five, or packed into a Banana Balloon of a specific color that contains ten of them.
100px Banana Coin Banana Coins are the main currency of the game. As is the case for many of the game's collectibles, Banana Coins come in different colors that must be collected by Kongs that match their color. Banana Coins are used to buy special potions from Cranky Kong that grant the Kongs special abilities, and they can also be used to buy the weapons and upgrades from Funky Kong, as well as instruments from Candy Kong. During the game, each Kong spends twenty-one coins on personal upgrades, Donkey spends an extra two on the Donkey Kong Arcade game, and a total of fifty-three coins are spent on shared upgrades. There is a total of 949 Banana Coins in the game. Ironically, when the Cheat for Banana Coins is activated in Mystery (after collecting all twenty Banana Fairies in any file), the coins are shown as 999 while the game is paused, despite that there are 949 total Banana Coins in the game.
70px 5-Banana Coin 5-Banana Coins are a special kind of Banana Coins. They are among the rarest items to find in the game, and there are usually only one 5-Banana Coin in each world, and aproximately three on the hub world, Donkey Kong Island. They are big, special and multi-coloured Banana Coins that have all of the Kongs' colors on them. 5-Banana Coins are only found buried under dirt piles in certain locations. To release a 5-Banana Coin, the player must step on a dirt pile and press and hold the Template:Button button to do a shockwave attack, destroying the pile and revealing the coin. When collected, all the Kongs receive five extra Banana Coins.
70px Banana Medal Banana Medals are items that the Kongs receive when they collect seventy-five bananas in a level. There is a total of five Banana Medals per level, and each Kong must collect seventy-five of their color bananas to earn each of them. Once the Banana Medal is collected in a stage, it can't be obtained again. Banana Medals have the appearance of a red medal with a golden banana emblem. Banana Medals are obtained differently in the last stage, Hideout Helm, where the Kongs have to complete several special minigames to earn them. After the Kongs collect at least fifteen Banana Medals, Cranky allows them to play the game Jetpac, an old ZX Spectrum game from Rare, in order to try and earn the Rareware Coin. There is a total of forty Banana Medals in the game.
70px Boss Key Boss Keys are items needed to unlock K. Lumsy's cage. They are golden keys that, despite being designed by the Kremlings, have the DK insignia on them. Seven of the eight Boss Keys in the game are acquired by beating the bosses at the end of each world, but the last key is acquired at the end of Hideout Helm - the Kongs must have at least four Battle Crowns, and they must have both the Rareware Coin and Nintendo Coin obtainable by completing the Donkey Kong arcade game at Frantic Factory and the Jetpac game at Cranky's Lab, so that a door leading to the key opens. Everytime a Kong brings one of the Boss Keys to K. Lumsy's cage, he jumps happily, causing a tremor that slightly alters the layout in the hub world, giving access to the different worlds of the game.
70px Watermelon Watermelons are used as the Kongs' health meter. Each melon contains four slices, and the Kongs can have up to four melons. When a Kong is attacked by an enemy, or touches any stage hazards such as quicksand or lava, they lose one slice. They can collect additional melon slices by finding them in Melon Crates, or by defeating certain enemies like Kritters and Gnawtys since most of them drop melon slices when defeated. When the Kong has no watermelon left, he or she will be sent back to the beginning of the area currently in. The Kongs start with only one melon, but one additional melon is added when the Kongs visit Candy Kong in her music shop at Angry Aztec, and another melon is added when the Kongs visit her music shop at Crystal Caves.
75px Melon Crate Melon Crates are very common, being found spread throughout the game's various worlds, and they are fairly important. They are big, wooden crates with melon images imprinted on them that slightly resemble Supply Crates, and they can contain up to four slices of watermelon, allowing the Kongs to collect the melon slices and replinish their health meter. Melon Crates that contain four melon slices appear in the later worlds of the game, when the Kongs have received the extra two watermelons from Candy Kong. Melon Crates are quite common, and often appear in the beginning of the levels. A Kong can use any kind of attack to destroy the crates, revealing the melon slices.
70px Orange Grenade Orange Grenades are bombs resembling oranges that can be used by all the Kongs. Certain enemies, such as Klumps and Zingers, also have a green version of Orange Grenades that they use to damage the Kongs. These bombs can be thrown by using the Template:Button button, and they have a multitude of uses. The explosions caused by the Orange Grenades can easily defeat most enemies in the game, and some of them can only be defeated by Orange Grenades, such as Klumps. Orange Grenades are also useful for destroying barriers and other obstacles, such as certain fragile walls and fences. Initially, the Kongs can have up to twenty grenades, but as they collect Banana Fairies, the amount increases to twenty-five, and then thirty. Orange Grenades also appear in the Multiplayer Mode, where they also have an additional fuction - they can cause a shockwave attack.
75px Supply Crate Supply Crates are common items found in various areas throughout the game. They are big, wooden crates that contain ammo for the Kongs. They can simply touch the box to receive the ammo inside it. They often appear in areas that require heavy use of the Kongs' weapons. Supply Crates replenish the Kongs' ammo by five. There is also a special kind of red Supply Crate that gives the Kongs red homing ammo. The red Supply Crates are much rarer than normal Supply Crates, being found in only a few selected areas.
70px Crystal Coconut Crystal Coconuts are magical crystal stones shaped like coconuts. They are important items that the Kongs must collect in their adventure, since the coconuts enable them to use their special abilities. Initially, the Kongs can have up to twenty Crystal Coconuts, but as they collect Banana Fairies, the amount increases; each collected Banana Fairy adds one Crystal Coconut to the max, for up to forty Crystal Coconut. When the Kongs use their special abilities, they start to quickly use the coconuts up, although more Crystal Coconuts tend to appear in areas where the abilities must be used. On certain occasions, like in the final battle, the Kongs receive infinite Crystal Coconuts.
70px Medalion Medalions are semi-rare collectables that are given to Candy Kong at Candy's Unlockables to unlock new bonuses. There are 5 in each area, meaning a total of 40 are to be found. The biggest reward for them uses all 40 and allows the use of infinite items.


There are several types of barrels that the Kongs encounter during their adventure. They have varing effects, although most of them are helpful. The standard, wooden barrels from previous Donkey Kong Country games also appear in this game, and have the same purpose - the Kongs can grab them and throw them at other enemies to defeat them. Once thrown, the barrel rolls in the direction it was thrown and breaks when it hits something. There are also various types of different barrels:

Image Name Description
68px Kong Barrel Kong Barrels are, as their name states, wooden barrels with the Kongs' emblems on them. These barrels are used to activate the Kongs' special abilities, learned when they consume Cranky's magic potions. For example, once Donkey Kong enters a Kong Barrel with his face on it, he becomes able to use his special ability, Strong Kong, for a limited amount of time. The special abilities, however, use up the Kongs' Crystal Coconuts.
80px Tag Barrel Tag Barrels are used to switch to a different Kong when exploring a world. They have the appearance of a spinning wooden barrel with each of the Kongs' emblems on them. Once a Kong enters the Tag Barrel, the player can select their Kong in a character select screen. There are only a few Tag Barrels in each world, although DK Isle has 5 and Crocodile Isle has 5.
80px Bonus Barrel Bonus Barrels are wooden barrels with a picture of a Golden Banana on them. These barrels appear in every world of the game, and they are quite common. When a Kong enters a Bonus Barrel, they are taken to a special minigame where they must complete a certain task. Once this challenge is completed, the Kong receives a special Golden Banana. In Hideout Helm, they have a metallic appearance, and take the Kongs to special minigames that must be completed to disable the Blast-O-Matic.
80px TNT Barrel TNT Barrels are highly explosive barrels that can potentially be used as powerful weapons throughout the game. They often appear in boss battles, usually in the center of the arena, where they must be used to attack the boss. TNT Barrels act like standard barrels when thrown - they roll in a direction until they hit something, with the difference that they cause a fiery explosion when they touch anything. Some enemies known as Kabooms reside inside TNT Barrels.


Another aspect of the gameplay Donkey Kong 64 are the various switches found in the game's worlds. There are several types of switches, and they usually affect the landscape of the location they are found in, allowing access to new areas or collectibles. The switches are either found on the ground, or in the walls, requiring a special ability to hit them. There are three types of switches:

Image Name Description
100px Kong Switch Kong Switches are the most common type of switch found in the game. They are found in nearly every world of the game. They can be activated by hitting them with the Simian Slam if they are green, the Super Simian Slam if they are blue, and the Super Duper Simian Slan if they are red. The switches activate a host of things including passageways and secret areas. The first in Jungle Japes is automatically activated via jumping off of a vine.
100px Target Switch Target Switches are almost as common as the Kong Switches, and unlike them, appear exclusively on the walls. Each switch has a picture of a fruit on it to indicate which shooter is needed to hit it. It may have a coconut (Donkey Kong), peanut (Diddy Kong), grape (Lanky Kong), feather (Dixie Kong), or a pineapple (Chunky Kong).
100px Wall Switch Wall Switches are a variation of the common Target Switches. They usually have the same effects as the Kong Switches, but they can only be hit with Diddy's Chimpy Charge or Chunky's Primate Punch ability. Wall Switches are a bit less common than the other switches.


Image Name Description
100px Kong Pad Kong Pads are special pads with images of the Kongs' faces on them. After the Kongs learn their special pad abilities, the pads become available for use. When a Kong stands on a pad with their face on it, they can activate their special pad ability. Usually, when a Kong sees a pad it means they must accomplish something in that area.
110px Bananaporter Bananaporters are numbered pads that come in a variety of colors, depending on their number. They are used to transport the Kongs to another similarly-numbered pad, usually in a different location. Both numbered Bananaporters need to be used once in order to work (i.e., both Bananaporters numbered '1' need to be activated before they can work). Bananaporters with the number one are blue, the ones with the number two are green, the ones with the number three are purple, the ones with the number four are red, and the ones with the number five are yellow. When the Kongs use a Bananaporter, they seem to be transported by a giant Banana Peel.


When the players trade in Medalions in any file, the Mystery option will be unlocked in the main menu. Depending on the number of Medalions traded, the players will unlock the following things:

Unlockables Medalions Details
Cinemas 2 The players can replay any of the cutscenes that they saw during game play. The ending cinema and bonus cinema are not included, however.
Bonuses 5 The players can play special bonuses involving Rambi and Enguarde. The Donkey Kong arcade game and the Mario Bros game can also be played.
Bosses 10 The players can rematch any of the bosses they fought, except King K. Rool.
Infinite Items 20 The players can set equipment supplies for all items to infinite. However, infinite ammunition only applies to Homing Ammo; normal ammunition is not infinite, thus the player cannot use this option until the Homing upgrade is bought. Health also is not included in the bonus.