Welcome to our Pikmin 3D presentation for Fantendo Iterum! Today we will be announcing new features only in this games, along with an upcoming downloadable game that will be paired with it! Now, onto the presentation:

New Pikmin typesEdit

One of the most important new features are the new Pikmin types. Unfortuanatly, we have not gotten a chance to correctly showcase them yet, so let us take time to showcase two of the new types, and to hint at another:

  • Napalm Pikmin: The first new Pikmin found. These orange-colored Pikmin are small but deadly. Unable to be effected by explosions of any kind, they are able to take on a Bomb Rock shell and run toward enemies, exploding on contact.
  • Green Pikmin: These are hidden Pikmin found only by using Candypop Buds. When thrown, they are able to cling onto walls and swing across raised bars. They can also walk through multiple types of poison and other liquids, such as Honeydew and acid.