Image from Pete (game).
Current Age 10 Year
Gender Male
Living Town Dragka Caves
First Appearance Pete (game)
Latest Appearance Unamed Sr.Wario Paper Fantendo Game
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Fying

Fire Breath

Affiliation(s) Dragka
Alias(es) Pete the Master
Pete is a male Dragka, and protaganist of the fanon video game titled after himself, Pete, and the last Dragka in the Human Family. After being completely embarrased, he runs away from home, leading to the events of Pete. He appears in many crossovers, mostly as a strong but shy character.


Before his parents died, he was a respected young lad who was quite brave and nice. He would be willing to help anyone, and he had no enemies. However, after his parents met their demise, his mood dropped low. As a result, his peers frequently made fun of him, lowering his self esteem even more. Soon, he was quite angry, and fled his cave.

After and during the events of Pete, however, he returned to his cheerful self. After that, he has not turned mad since, although in recent crossover appearences he is somewhat shy.



In his first appearence, Pete is a shy character who must venture out into the world in order to save it. After meeting Sara, his mood got more cheerful, but he was still sad. At the end, however, he becomes really happy due to his friends realizing he is a Chosen One.